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What Should You Not Say To A Contractor?

What Should You Not Say To A Contractor?

When working with a contractor, maintain a professional and respectful relationship.

Here are some things you should avoid saying to a contractor…

  1. “I don’t care about permits/licenses.” You must adhere to local building codes and regulations. Ignoring permits and licenses can lead to legal issues and compromise the quality of the project.
  2. “Can we do this off the books?” Asking a contractor to work off the books is unethical and may indicate that you’re trying to evade taxes. It can also compromise the contractor’s reputation and business.
  3. “I know a cheaper way to do this.” While it’s good to discuss budget-saving options, implying that you know more about the construction process than the contractor can be insulting and disrespectful.
  4. “I’ll pay you when the job is done.” Contractors rely on timely payments to cover expenses and keep their businesses running smoothly. Delaying payment can strain the relationship and cause financial difficulties for the contractor.
  5. “I’ll need you to start immediately.” Contractors often have schedules and commitments with other clients. Expecting them to drop everything and start your project right away without prior notice can be unrealistic and disrespectful.
  6. “This should only take a few hours.” Underestimating the time and effort required for a project can lead to rushed work and subpar results. Trust your contractor’s expertise in estimating timelines.
  7. “I don’t like the materials you’ve chosen.” While it’s okay to discuss preferences and alternatives, outright dismissing the contractor’s choices can undermine their expertise and create tension.
  8. “Can you do this extra work for free?” Expecting contractors to provide additional services or make changes to the project scope without fair compensation is unfair and disrespectful.
  9. “I don’t trust you.” Building trust is essential in any professional relationship. If you have concerns or doubts about the contractor, address them constructively and respectfully rather than making accusatory statements.
  10. “I’ll be micromanaging every step.” Constantly hovering over the contractor and questioning their every decision can be frustrating and counterproductive. Trust their expertise and give them the space to do their job effectively.

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