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Should You Cut In Or Roll First When Painting?

Should You Cut In Or Roll First When Painting?

The order of cutting in (using a brush to paint along edges and corners) versus rolling (using a roller to paint larger areas) when painting a room can vary depending on personal preference and the specifics of the project. A common approach is to cut in first, followed by rolling.

Here’s why the order of cutting in varies…

  1. Cutting In First – Cutting in allows you to create clean, precise lines along the edges of walls, ceilings, trim, and corners where a roller may not reach easily. By painting these areas with a brush first, you can establish a neat boundary for the roller to follow, reducing the risk of accidentally getting paint on adjacent surfaces.
  2. Rolling Second – Once you’ve cut in the edges and corners, you can use a roller to quickly and efficiently cover larger areas of the walls. Rolling helps achieve a smooth and uniform finish, blending the brush-applied edges with the rolled sections seamlessly. Work in small sections and maintain a “wet edge” to avoid visible lap marks or uneven texture.

By following this sequence—cutting in first and then rolling—you can work efficiently and effectively to achieve professional-looking results while minimizing the risk of smudges, drips, or other imperfections. This approach allows you to control the pace of the project, focusing on detail work before covering larger areas with the roller.

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