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Does It Cost More To Paint Interior Or Exterior Of House?

Does It Cost More To Paint Interior Or Exterior Of House?

When it comes to painting your house, whether it’s the interior or exterior, understanding the cost differences can help you budget effectively. Here’s a concise breakdown…

1. Cost Comparison

Painting the exterior of a house tends to cost more than painting the interior. This is because exterior paint needs to withstand harsh weather conditions and UV exposure, requiring more durable and weather-resistant formulations compared to interior paint.

2. Material Differences

Interior and exterior paints differ in their composition and properties. Exterior paints are designed to resist fading, peeling, and mildew growth, while interior paints focus more on washability, stain resistance, and ease of application.

3. Factors Influencing Cost

Several factors influence the cost of painting the exterior of a house, including the size of the surface area, the type and condition of the substrate, the number of coats required, and any additional preparation work needed, such as pressure washing or repairs.

4. Labor Costs

Labor costs for exterior painting may be higher due to factors like the need for scaffolding or ladders, increased surface preparation, and the time required to work in outdoor conditions. Interior painting involves less preparation and can be completed more quickly.

Calculating Exterior Painting Costs

To calculate the cost of painting the exterior of your house, multiply the total square footage of the surface area to be painted by the cost per square foot, factoring in additional costs for materials, labor, and any necessary repairs or surface preparation.

Know the cost differences between interior and exterior house painting to plan and budget effectively. Consider materials, labor costs, and surface preparation for a successful and cost-effective outcome.


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